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Babysitters Erotica Collection by Vallen Green      Views: (21629)
The Highlander's Bride by Donna Fletcher      Views: (20573)
Mastered by Maya Banks      Views: (20432)
Loved By a Warrior by Donna Fletcher      Views: (14476)
All The Ways To Ruin A Rogue by Sophie Jordan      Views: (13766)
A Very Dirty Wedding by Sabrina Paige      Views: (13743)
Splendor by Janet Nissenson      Views: (13356)
Filfthy by Winter Renshaw      Views: (12292)
Royal by Winter Renshaw      Views: (10528)
Marriage by Mistake by Alyssa Kress      Views: (10491)
Taken by Two by Sam J. D. Hunt      Views: (9271)
Exotic Sex Stories Volume 1 by Lauren Hillbrand      Views: (8469)
The Highlander's Forbidden Bride by Donna Fletcher      Views: (8445)
The Highlander's Stolen heart by Donna Fletcher      Views: (8271)
Time to Play by Sam Crescent      Views: (7966)
His Tattooed Virgin by Heather Rainier      Views: (6797)
Viper's Run by Jamie Begley      Views: (5815)
Dear Professor by Blaire Drake      Views: (5488)
Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley      Views: (5469)
When I Was Yours by Samantha Towle      Views: (5405)
The Highlander Series by Maya Banks      Views: (5318)
Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley      Views: (4709)
Taboo Times Ten by Virginia K. G. Ryder      Views: (4458)
Visconti's Forgotten Heir by Elizabeth Power      Views: (4277)
The Virgin Duet by Alexa Riley      Views: (4141)
Drantos by Laurann Dohner      Views: (4128)
His Possession by Sam Crescent      Views: (3974)
Revved by Samantha Towle      Views: (3974)
One Night of Trouble by Elle Kennedy      Views: (3789)
Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas      Views: (3662)