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By:Alex Lucian

Chapter One

Professor Easton,

Please bend me over your desk and fuck me until it hurts.


Adele Morello

I stared at the email for several minutes, my cursor hovering over the “Send” button. And then I hit the backspace button and rewrote.

From: Adele Morello

Date: Saturday, September 12, 2015 07:37 PM

Subject: A plea

To: Nathaniel Easton

Professor Easton,

Do you have any opportunities for extra credit? In looking over the course syllabus, I’m concerned I will struggle in some areas of this class and would like an opportunity to pre-emptively redeem myself.


Adele Morello

• • •

Much better. Smiling to myself, I clicked “Send” and leaned back in my chair, taking care to not put too much pressure on my ass. The chair swiveled from side to side, squeaking with each twist. I tapped my fingers on the desk, waiting impatiently for his reply. Leaning my head back, I looked to my right, saw my bed, sheets rumpled and pillows scattered across the ground. If I closed my eyes and inhaled, I could still smell him.

His hands gripping my hips, fingers biting into bone.

His tongue circling my pierced nipple, an assault by his teeth.

His grunts as he came inside me, eyes flashing above me in the dark.

I could live on the memory of that night for a very long time. But frankly, I didn’t want to. I wanted a round two, three. Four.

My phone chirped and I glanced at it, seeing the text from Leo. I ignored it. I felt a little bad that I hadn’t messaged him after my abrupt exit from the bar the night before. The exit that was thanks to one Professor Easton.

I looked back at the computer, and when I saw a reply, I sat up straighter, immediately wincing at the quick bite of pain in my ass.

From: Nathaniel Easton

Date: Saturday, September 12, 2015 07:41 PM

Subject: Re: A plea

To: Adele Morello

Ms. Morello,

I’m afraid extra credit requires more work for me, therefore it’s not something I typically offer. If you are implying you are incapable of doing the coursework that will be assigned, perhaps you should consider withdrawing from the class now.

Your alternative is to hire a tutor. If you have the financial means to do so, I’d be happy to forward you a list of students who would have the time for you.


Nathaniel Easton, EdD

Professor - Creative Writing

• • •

Well. That was basically a big fuck off, Adele. Luckily, I wasn’t easily discouraged. After glancing at the bed again, my eyes fell over the only physical evidence I had that he’d been here. Who knew plastic and a little metal could be so important? He’d regret leaving them here.

From: Adele Morello

Date: Saturday, September 12, 2015 07:42 PM

Subject: Re: A plea

To: Nathaniel Easton

Professor Easton,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I’ll make do.

See you in class,


• • •

I padded across the worn wooden floor to the bed, grabbed the pair of brown-rimmed glasses he’d left behind. My fingertip caressed the gold emblem: the stacked Ms. I’d pulled them off of his shirt when he’d climbed over me, tossing them to the nightstand without either of us giving them a second glance. I knew the glasses cost more than two thousand dollars, so he would likely want them back. Opening the arms, I placed them on my face and turned my head to the full length mirror to my right.

Bringing my thumb to my mouth, I chewed on my nail as I regarded my reflection. My hand came up to my mane of pale blonde hair, ruffling it around. And then I smiled, knowing Professor Nathaniel Easton hadn’t recognized the woman he’d gone home with the night before.

The woman whose hair he’d held tight in his fist as he flipped her onto her stomach and slid into her from behind.

The woman whose ass he had slapped like a man on the verge of losing himself, a man who had let down his guard long enough to show how deeply he needed release. How long had it been since he’d fucked like that?

I tilted my head to the side and pushed my hair off my shoulder, exposing the line of love bites across my collarbone. One black-polished fingernail followed their bruising, relishing the way he’d completely consumed me in that bed.

We hadn’t exchanged phone numbers, just saliva. There’d been no empty promises of seeing one another again. I’d followed his lead, and we’d fucked like only two strangers with wild abandon could.

And best of all, he hadn’t realized I was his student.

But he would.

Chapter Two

The Night Before

“Adele!” Someone called my name and my head lifted, searching the crowded bar. I saw bodies moving against each other in a drunken dance, beers being tipped back, and in the middle of the chaos was my best friend, Leo, a glass of beer in each hand, arms above his head.

He pushed and turned, maneuvering through the crowd with the ease he owed to being a six-foot-three, broad-shouldered quarterback.

“Hey,” he said, breathless as he pushed a beer into my hand. Someone brushed by me, causing the beer to spill across my fingers. I moved the beer to my other hand and shook my wet hand.

“Hey yourself,” I returned, bringing the beer to my lips.

“What’s up with the costume?” His eyes roamed up and down and I followed his gaze, taking in what he was seeing. Skin-tight leggings, ripped up tank, leather jacket: all black. I wore my thick hair down and I was stacked on stilettos with heels narrow enough to pierce skin.

“It’s not a costume.” I tucked my hand into the front pocket of my jacket and sipped my beer again. “It’s just a little different from my school clothes.”

“I’d say. That’s some … uh, interesting eye makeup. Are you channeling Catwoman or something?”

I rolled my eyes. My eyes searched the bar before coming back to Leo. “I’m just trying something new is all.”

“Is this some kind of revenge